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Patient Outcomes

Patient Outcomes


In today’s healthcare climate, Increasing the quality of care while reducing costs is a constant imperative. With every therapy we offer and every patient we admit, CNS strives to optimize treatment and minimize costs. Patient data reveals that CNS achieves both objectives. Intensive therapy produces a more durable outcome, which in turn reduces future healthcare costs, such as rehospitalization. For payors, families, and patients, the long-term rehabilitation value enhances quality of life post injury and impacts return on investment. CNS outcomes are noted here to inform and guide consumers.

Centre for Neuro Skills
Centre for Neuro Skills


Payors, Patients and Families
N=922 Participants

Patient Satisfaction Leads the Industry

  • CNS exceeds industry standards
  • “World Class” rating in 2023 Net Promoter Score
  • 96% score on 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey of patients, payors, families
Centre for Neuro Skills


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N=922 Participants


2021 CNS Rehabilitation Performance Report

In a groundbreaking study, CNS outcome data in key areas of rehabilitation delivery was gathered and analyzed by a third-party consultant and consisted of 15 million healthcare claims (covering more than 1 million individuals) over a 5-year period. The consultant is not affiliated with the Centre for Neuro Skills.

Metrics included maximizing treatment, comparing healthcare costs, measuring performance, tracking rehospitalization rates, medication savings, and customer satisfaction scores.

In key areas of rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury and stroke, CNS data reflects an impressive mastery of multidisciplinary care. CNS has focused on outcome-driven solutions since its inception in 1980. The Executive Summary published metrics that substantiate this legacy of innovation.

Centre for Neuro Skills

CNS is the top provider of care on key indicators.

Among patients with over $100,000 in therapy costs.

Graph: CNS IS MORE EFFICIENT THROUGHOUT THE STAGES OF CARECNS Is More Efficient Throughout the Stages of Care

  • CNS monthly costs were compared with facilities like CNS, alternate care, and other care options
  • After year one, CNS program costs stay below all other patient journeys reviewed
  • CNS maximizes treatment effect, thus lowering costs – a hallmark of the CNS approach

Centre for Neuro Skills

Patient Care Costs Compared

To establish a baseline comparison with other rehabilitation providers, 15 million brain injury claims were reviewed to identify patient journey value analytics

  • Drug costs, emergency room visits, and hospital admissions were measured and reviewed 3 years post index event*
  • Blue Cross and United Health Care claims reviewed longitudinally over 5 years
  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) costs compared


CNS patients had the highest monthly cost indicating more medically complex patients at the time of injury and admission to CNS.

Centre for Neuro Skills

Three Years Post Injury, CNS patient monthly cost was 30% lower than Like-CNS facilities

  • Average PMPM for CNS is 30% lower than other patient journeys
  • CNS is 50% lower than “other care” or “no care” options
  • Average PMPM for CNS patients drops 89% in the 3 years following the index event
    This is greatest decline in costs of all patient journeys studied.

CNS patients exhibited the most substantial decline in monthly cost of all patient journeys. By year 3, CNS patient monthly cost was 30% lower than Like-CNS.

Graph: CNS has reduced readmission and ER visit rates

SIGNIFICANTly Reduced Readmission and Emergency Room Visits

  • CNS had the lowest readmission and Emergency Room visit rates post injury
  • Treatment focuses on intensive therapy/lifelong independence, which reduce rehospitalization
  • CNS builds a foundation for physical, cognitive, and emotional health post discharge

CNS inpatients had 67% less claims with inpatient admissions and 14% less emergency room visits than Like-CNS facilities.

Centre for Neuro Skills

CNS Patients Save 6x More than Like CNS on Prescription Drugs

  • Post-therapy, CNS average drug SAVINGS per member per month is $447 – six times higher than “like CNS” providers
  • CNS advocates for skill building and therapy, less medication dependence
  • Behavior is frequently treated with modification/skills, medication used as needed


CNS patients’ prescription drug costs were the lowest of all patient journey models beginning the first year after the index-event.

Centre for Neuro Skills


  • Article published in Journal of Neurotrauma found significant life care cost savings in patients who received rehabilitation, vs. other means of treatment
  • Data underscores the effectiveness of comprehensive brain injury care
  • Outcome helps payors, families, patients understand long term benefits of CNS’ approach