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Groin Strain – Adductor Strain Signs and Symptoms

Adductor Strain Signs and Symptoms

Adductor Strain

Adductor Strains affect any of the five Adductor Muscles.
These are Adductor Longus, Adductor Magnus, Adductor Brevis, Pectineus and Gracilis Muscles.
For more detailed information see Adductor Strain Anatomy
Most commonly affected are the

  1. Adductor Longus (2 in the diagram)
  2. Gracilis (3 in the diagram)
  3. Vertical fibres of Adductor Magnus (4)
  4. Less often injured are

  5. Adductor Brevis (5)
  6. Pectineus (1)
  7. Horizontal and oblique fibres of Adductor Magnus which are attached all the way down the femur

An Adductor Strain (groin strain) is a strain or tear to any of these muscles.
These strains are graded

  • Grade 1 which affects less than 5-10% of the muscle fibres
  • Grade 2 affecting more fibres than Grade 1 but not a complete tear
  • Grade 3 affects all the fibres resulting in a complete tear.

Signs and Symptoms of an Adductor Strain

Grade 1 Adductor Strain

mild pain or discomfort in the inner thigh area. This may be noticed at the time or sometimes it is not until after exercise stops that you feel the pain here. Generally the adductor muscles will be tight or will feel tight.
It might be that there is an area in the Adductor muscle which is painful on palpation (to touch firmly). You will feel uncomfortable or painful when running fast or changing direction. Generally walking is fine apart from first thing in the morning or getting up from a chair after sitting about for a while. There will be mild pain with the Adductor Squeeze Test – see Video

Grade 2 Adductor Strain

You generally feel a sharp sudden pain in the groin muscles while exercising.
You may get some bruising or swelling generally after a day or so.
There will be some tightening of the Adductors either immediately or the next day post injury.
Pain on the Adductor Squeeze Test (see Video) and probably some weakness.
Walking will be painful and you will almost certainly have a limp and won’t be able to run properly.
There will be pain on stretching the muscle.

Grade 3 Adductor Strain

Sudden sharp pain in the groin while exercising.
Significant pain and / or weakness on the Adductor Squeeze Test.
Substantial swelling and bruising on the inner thigh within 24 hours.
Stretching the Adductor muscles will be painful (generally).
On palpation (firm touching) you may be able to feel a lump or gap in the muscle.
You won’t be able to run at all.
Walking and getting out a chair etc will be difficult.

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  1. Sonny Obrien Says:

    When one of the adductor muscles is torn or ruptured this is called a groin strain. This injury can affect any of the five adductor muscles the pectineus adductor brevis and adductor longus and the gracilis and adductor magnus..

  2. Ian Constable Says:

    Thanks for the comment but I’m not sure what point you are making

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