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Groin Pain – Adductor Squeeze Test

What is the Adductor Squeeze Test?

The Adductor Squeeze Test is a simple test that you can use to decide if you have a Groin Strain / Adductor Strain. It is very easy to carry out the test. It is easy to evaluate the results of the test. Click and watch the video below:

If you do not have a football then you could use a folded bath towel or use two fists placed side by side between your knees.

Adductor Squeeze Test Results

Positive Adductor Squeeze Test

If ANY of the 3 positions produces pain in your groin area then the test is positive.

What muscles does the Adductor Squeeze Test stress

Adductor Squeeze Test

The muscles tested are shown in the diagram opposite.

They are numbered in the diagram

  1. Pectineus Muscle which runs from high on the front of the pelvis and attaches to the upper Femur
  2. Adductor Longus Muscle has a cord like tendon which is easily felt in the upper groin. It attaches to the upper third of the Femur.
  3. Gracilis is long and thin and attaches quite high on the front of the pelvis also. It runs down the inner thigh and attaches below the knee to the inner aspect of the Tibia. It is the only Adductor to cross the knee joint.
  4. Adductor Magnus is the largest of the Adductor muscles. It is attached quite far back on the underside of the pelvis near to the attachment of your Hamstring muscles. It has almost 3 separate parts to the muscle. A set of fibres which run almost horizontally at the top of the Femur. Then there is a massive ‘fan’ of fibres whcih are attached all the way down the back of the Femur. Lastly there is a collection of fibres which run vertically much like Gracilis, but these fibres attach just above the inner aspect of the knee.
  5. Adductor Brevis lies deep to the Adductor Longus and Pectineus Muscles

For more detailed information see Adductor Strain Anatomy
and Adductor Strain

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