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Tennis Elbow Exercises – What Tennis Elbow Exercises Work

Tennis Elbow Exercises

If you want some FREE easy to follow effective Tennis Elbow Exercises as part of your Tennis Elbow Treatment then click on the video below and start them with my compliments.

What Tennis Elbow Exercises Work?

There are numerous programs and videos like mine on YouTube that show you how to do Tennis Elbow Exercises.

However a “one size fits all” exercise prescription is surely not the best way forward.

For Tennis Elbow Exercises to work the exercises surely have to take into account several different factors.
These are known as the SIN Factors.

SIN: Severity Irritability & Nature

  1. how Severe is the pain in your elbow?
  2. how Irritable is your elbow?
  3. what is the Nature of the problem

Tennis Elbow Exercises

Severity -- on a scale of 1 to 10 how painful is your elbow?
Irritability -- how easy is it to make your elbow feel worse?
Irritability -- do small amount of activity cause a sever reaction and increased pain?
Nature -- Is it a local muscle / tendon problem at the elbow?
Nature -- There are several other problems that can produce pain at the elbow such as a trapped nerve in the neck, or trapped nerve in the arm, trigger spots in muscles around the shoulder or upper arm can produce elbow pain.

What Tennis Elbow Exercises?

If you have Tennis Elbow and want to do Tennis Elbow Exercises then my questions for you would be:

  1. is there an elbow joint problem you need to fix first?
  2. is there a problem with your neck?
  3. how do you know that are you doing the correct Tennis Elbow exercises for your type of Tennis Elbow problem?
  4. could it be that you do not have Tennis Elbow?
  5. are the Tennis Elbow exercises you are doing of the correct intensity to stimulate repair of your problem?
  6. are your Tennis Elbow exercises making you worse?

Consider these very important questions and try to answer them before you start buying “one-size-fits-all exercises” for your Tennis Elbow Treatment.

Consider this for a moment………

If you consulted a physical therapist / chiropractor / osteopath and they prescribed you Tennis Elbow Exercises without first examining your elbow neck and shoulder how would you feel?

Would you be happy?
Would you feel confident in the exercises they prescribed?
I don’t think so!

Well please don’t do the same thing on the internet either.

Take my FREE Interactive Forearm Pain Video Assessment and find out what kind of problem you have. Sign up below… Tennis Elbow Exercises

Effective pain relief starting from Day One Expert advice to relieve your pain and inflammation Learn techniques used by professionals Rehab program sent directly to you TWICE daily!


This unique “Less than 10 minutes twice a day” video course tailored to the results of your assessment will provide:


  • Pain relief at home and at work



  • Regular mobilising of your muscles in a busy day



  • Treatment techniques as used by health professionals



  • Correctly applied stretching techniques



  • A tailored exercise programme for your Tennis Elbow



These video courses have been carefully assembled from my 25 years experience and specifically designed for Tennis Elbow at differing stages of recovery. I have designed 16 different programmes for each elbow -- that’s 32 Tennis Elbow Programmes!! This is a tailored exercise program exactly for you and your problem as it exists NOW and not general exercises for “Tennis Elbow”! That is why you went through such a detailed assessment before any exercise advice was suggested. Compare that to the “One Size Fits All” packages elsewhere on the internet! All the videos carefully demonstrate each exercise and technique fully. Your left arm is injured every video shows a left arm. You are given a full understanding of what you are to do before you try it yourself. If you are to repeat the exercise 10 times you are shown it 10 times -- you simply follow the video. If you are to hold a stretch for 15 seconds the demonstration in video will hold the stretch for 15 seconds. This is NOT a collection of randomly assembled exercises for ‘Tennis Elbow’ It is NOT a collection of diagrams in an e-book! The advice in the videos of the TENNIS ELBOW REHAB COURSEhas been carefully constructed for people with the same condition -- that is for people like you.

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