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Tennis Elbow Exercises – Start Here

tennis elbow exercises

Tennis Elbow Exercises

There are numerous programs and videos on YouTube that show you how to do Tennis Elbow Exercises.
The biggest problem I have with them is that it follows the “one size fits all” type of exercise prescription.
My questions for you would be:

  • are you doing the correct tennis elbow exercises for your problem?
  • do you even have Tennis Elbow?
  • are these tennis elbow exercises of the correct intensity for your problem?
  • is there a problem with your neck that needs to fixed before doing these exercises?
  • is there an elbow joint problem you need to fix first?

These are just a few very important questions that need to be answered before you start paying money and doing “any old exercises” as part of your tennis elbow treatment programme.

Just stop and think for a moment………

If you paid to see a physiotherapist / physical therapist / osteopath / chiropractor would you expect them to prescribe Tennis Elbow Exercises without examining you??
I don’t think so!
You would not be impressed in the slightest would you?

Well don’t do it on the internet either.

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You will know:

  • if you really have Tennis Elbow 
  • how severe is your Tennis Elbow
  • if other conditions are affecting your elbow delaying recovery
  • how to access an exercise program for your specific type of problem


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If you want some simple yet effective Tennis Elbow Exercises as part of your Tennis Elbow Treatment then click on the video below.

Forearm Pain

If your forearm pain is towards the outer elbow then these Tennis Elbow Exercises are designed to fit in with the early to middle stages of your Tennis Elbow Treatment.
The tennis elbow exercises on the video are:

  1. resisted wrist extension in a flexed position
  2. resisted wrist flexion from an extended position
  3. static resisted supination
  4. static resisted pronation
  5. stretch for the forearm extensors
  6. stretch for the forearm flexors

Remember these are general exercises for early to mid stage Tennis Elbow.
If you want a more accurate assessment of your Forearm Pain as it currently is then

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